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Government projects consultancy in India


We are a boutique consulting company that specializes in providing consultancy only for government related work. All our consultants and partners have exclusive experience of government systems and processes. Large number of our consultants are people who have worked in the government as senior most officers in leadership positions. On our panel we also have retired middle level as well as junior level officers of government. This makes us unique in providing a holistic advice at strategic level, as well as the guidance of navigating the labyrinth of bureaucracy at lower and middle level, for better success of government projects.

Implementation Advice for PPP projects

About US

We are a group of experts from multiple fields who have got together to provide advice to those companies/entities that can not afford to seek advice from existing corporate consulting companies due to prohibitive cost.

We provide multiple stages of advice, which in our view is critical for completing typical government projects. We have on our panel top level retired IAS officers for strategic advice; retired middle level government officers; top Lawyers; well respected CAs and Corporate experts. All our non-governmental experts also work in the fields of government projects and that is why our focus is only on providing advice for government projects.

Our collective past experience tells us that for government projects, a collective advice tempered with guidance for correct strategic direction, combined with clear communication, is the key to successful implementation. Our advice is, hence, holistic and never standalone.

Why Choose Us?

Our experience tells us that many companies struggle to get correct advice and guidance to navigate in managing government contracts and concessions. Companies pay huge money to big consulting corporates to get very limited advice with no guarantee and no advice for navigation within the government system.

In big Public Private Partnership(PPP) projects, the companies are able to employ a permanent person for such advice. But for start up companies or smaller companies, that enter government work, it is financially not viable. We provide advice and handholding guidance for such companies which is reasonably priced.

We provide multiple stages of advice and guidance for government contracts and government concessions at prices that are unbelievable.

How to get government projects
OF EXPERTISE How to get government projects
Project management consultants in Delhi
Area 1 First stage consultancy

We offer our first stage consultancy through our portal. This enables our clients to access top class advice online at the first stage. This brings best advice from former IAS officers and other former specialist officers at the click of a mouse and at a price which is unbelievable. No need for clients to tap into informal network and friends to get in touch with an experienced officer for informal advice anymore. This service is provided online by retired government officers of relevant domain expertise.

Project management consultants in Delhi
Area 2 Second stage consultancy

This service is provided as a follow up to the first stage advice. We involve more expert consultants like top Chartered Accountants, Law firms, panel of top lawyers, Company Secretaries in addition to retired officers to give specialist advice and guidance to navigate government system in this stage.This consultancy is also provided online.

Project management consultants in Delhi
Area 3 Handholding for projects

Handholding is provided in longer term government contracts and concessions which require strategic and holistic advice. This handholding is done by retired top officers of the government who have handled similar projects in the past in the government. This service requires personal interaction between the client and the consultants and is arranged online after the first stage consultancy.

Project management consultants in Delhi
Area 4 Communication Advice

This is a unique service which we provide to clients who are already implementing a government contract or concession. It is our experience that letters and communications written to various government authorities, during the implementation of a contract/concession agreement, lead to huge problems in successfully implementing the project in time. Our experts understand very well the risk associated with badly written communication with government and they advise how to put forth the view point of our clients before the relevant government authority in a proper manner. This consultancy is provided in person as it requires interaction with the client and is arranged online after first stage consultancy.

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Area 5 Strategic Advice

Our experience tells us that companies winning government contracts find it challenging to understand provisions of the contract being signed by them with the government agency. Big companies have full team to handle this but smaller companies do not have that luxury. Such companies end up seeking advice of lawyers, which actually is a limited legal advice, rather than strategic advice. We help such clients with a collective strategic advice, so that our client signs government contracts knowing fully well about the implications of the contract and does not suffer implementation hurdles in future. This service is available for those companies that have already won the contract/ concession/PPP project or have already been offered work intent by government agency and are in the process of signing final contracts.