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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers



  • 1.What kind of advice we get in first stage from you?

    The first stage advice is provided online. The purpose of this advice is to give you a correct direction in implementing government projects. The advice may seem simple but we assure you that it is impregnated with lot of foresight to successfully navigate your project to completion.

  • 2.What if we are not satisfied with your first stage advice?

    Although this is an unlikely scenario, yet if you feel that our advice provided online is not suiting your needs, then you can revert once to us online. Even then if you are not satisfied, then we will refund the money paid by you after deducting our administrative expenses of Rs. 2000/=.

  • 3.What if I am interested in speaking directly to your consultants?

    The first stage is to register and then seek first stage advice. This helps our consultants to understand your project and also to guide you in correct direction. Our intent is to make top class advice accessible at affordable prices. In case you wish to speak to our consultant, first stage information and advice will help us connect you to the relevant consultant. But without first stage online advice, it will not be possible for us to provide future guidance in person.

  • 4.What do you mean by communication advice?

    This is a very specific advice and we will advice you in the first stage online reply about it, if you require it or not. Of course whether you seek it from us or any other person is your choice. We have senior officers who advice about how to communicate with government authorities as they prefer communicating in writing only. Most of the bigger projects get delays in execution and many times delay in due payments happen due to poor communication with government authorities. Our consultants will advice you what to write and what not to write and how to present your viewpoint so that it helps your project.

  • 5.Why have you created advice in stages? Is it because you want to make more money from clients?

    We are a consulting organization and of course we are a business that runs on making money. But we are not interested in fleecing anyone. The intent of multiple stages of advice is to make it affordable for clients. If any company seeks business and strategic advice in person directly from us, then they pay much more than the first stage advice online. This staging allows clients the flexibility to move away, as many times they just need limited guidance to kick-start their project or has only one issue to sort out. In such cases, it is very affordable to just seek online first stage advice that is very affordable.

  • 6.What do you mean by handholding of projects?

    After the first stage advice, clients find our team of consultants to be very knowledgeable and experienced. Many times they do not have a team to carry forward that kind of direction and hence request us to handhold their operational team all along the projects. This only happens in personal discussions with our team at mutually acceptable cost to the client.

  • 7.You have mentioned strategic advice? Is it business growth strategy?

    No it is not business growth strategy advice. We are a niche consulting company focusing only on government projects and concessions. Many companies win contracts and concessions through tendering and have very strong teams to prepare and win tenders. But a tendering team is not fully capable of understanding the future strategic needs to smoothly implement government projects. Here we come into picture and provide strategic advice to clients to negotiate the terms of final contracts to be favourable to our clients in the long run. We advise clients the pitfalls to avoid while signing terms of contract with concession giving government agency so that future payments are as secure as possible.