Does “Experience Clause” matters for Government Tender? And, How can anybody apply?

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If you’re new in tendering or contracting or having small business then it’s a little bit challenging for you to get government contracts in India. There are lots of steps that you have to follow precisely. Also, not every tender is made for every organization, you have to choose the right and perfect tender according to your organization (you can also get implementation advice for PPP projects from government project consultancy) but if you are well qualified to fulfill all the criteria and offer profitable proposal than there may be some great benefits.

And, by this blog, we’re going to uncover the outer layer and provide the right answer.

Does “Experience Clause” Matters?

New Entrepreneurs or Startups can participate in the tendering process. To open more business opportunities for entrepreneurs, startups and small enterprises, Indian Government launched the Startup India initiative, passed an order to all ministries to exempt startups or entrepreneurs from “experience clause” in all public procurements.

The question arise when you’re new in the tendering and have startup and don’t know; How to get Government Projects for your Startups?

So, there is no need to require any prior experience to participate (except some tenders) in the tendering. Although, it’s pretty challenging for entrepreneurs to find the right and accurate tenders. The situation is more complex when you have no idea that how to participate and how to create an effective tender proposal that wins?

How to get Government Project?

Win Government Tenders

Government settled some rules and instructions that every business should have to follow to participate in the bidding. You have to first register your business as a contractor and present all the certificates and documents along with, you have to pass an eligibility criteria.

Once you’ve done the registration process and get the certificate from the government. Then, you’re eligible to participate in the bidding.

Keep the point in mind you cannot get the tender directly from the government. You have to submit your bid first with your tender proposal that mention all the services you offer and your company’s key benefits over other competitors. There are some websites from where you can get the tender information and eligibility criteria and other information to acquire Government Contracts or Tender, Sign Up here!

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After submitting your bid, then it will be examine by the particular government department. If you’re tender proposal fulfill all the needs and have the best bid then contract will be awarded to you.

Here, you have to build your networks that will guide you. You can also consult with any government project consultancy that will help you from starting to end with the right strategic direction.

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